So who cares?


Do you have trouble explaining what you do in a couple of sentences?

Most business owners and managers fall into the trap of trying to list their products and services in detail to sound impressive, but that’s boring. And confusing. Fact is, who cares about you when all they really care about is themselves.

So go on, tell me quickly, in a way that I can understand, how your product or service makes things better for me? What problems do you solve?

Okay for starters, forget about what you do and focus on why you do it. For example, you’re a financial planner with a host of products and services. Instead of listing various investment strategies, SMSF, estate planning etc, consider why you offer these things. Maybe it’s so ‘we can help people grow wealthier’. Wow, do you really? Please can you tell me how I can be wealthier?

See, once you have their attention with a core single thought with a strong consumer benefit, then you can go on to explain in more detail ‘how’ you can achieve their dreams.

Having said that, lesson number two is ‘get your head outside the boat’. Don’t bang on and on with endless detail and industry speak because that’s just lazy and rude. Say it fast, say it well and get out of my face.

Sending meaningful messages to market isn’t easy for most businesses so you might need a bit of help from a professional writer. Someone who has the expertise to take complex internal company information and translate it into vibrant, benefit driven messages that clearly tell your market ‘what’s in it for them’.

It’s a fine art saying something clearly in two sentences instead of ten and requires  drafting, crafting and focus. As one of the world’s great writers famously said:

“I sat down to write you a short letter but I didn’t have time. So I wrote you a long one instead.” Mark Twain,

What’s your story? KB can help.

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