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It’s not enough to have a brilliant product or provide a world beating service. You have to tell your customers. Building brands is such an intriguing and satisfying process – it boosts the value of your business and its meaning in the marketplace. KB Communications has developed a simple and inclusive model that takes business owners through the process of information gathering, stakeholder engagement, discovery workshops and brand distillation. We gradually tease out the one unique aspect of your business that delivers the greatest benefit to your customers. We then distil that into an elegant creative expression that your market can understand. Your brand is a powerful tool when it is created from truth.

“KB made us stand taller and think differently. Discovery workshops distilled our unique selling proposition and clarified consumer benefits. Our brand has new power and gloss and communicates a truth we are proud of.”
James Silcock – Marketing Manager, Pulse Mining Systems.

Identity Solutions

Brand names
 Brand positioning
 Raising brand awareness
 Brand (r)evolution
 Logo design
 Shifting perceptions

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Brand Names. Brand Positioning. Brand Identity. Slogans. Shifting Perceptions.

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